If you’ve started your search for a water leak detection service, you don’t exactly have the luxury of shopping around. You’re going to need to find the right company sooner than later to help prevent water from destroying more than it already has.

The problem is, there are a few different options for who to call to assist with a water leak. To ensure that you make the right choice, let’s break down who can detect water leaks and which company to call, depending on your situation.

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Who Can Detect Water Leaks

As mentioned, there are a few different options for who to contact for water leaks. Plumbers are often called for all things water, especially when it’s in the basement or other similar areas within the structure. But that doesn’t mean you should always be calling a plumber. In some cases, you’re going to want to call a water leak detection service.

When to Call a Plumber vs. Water Leak Detection Service Provider

Plumbers are primarily called if you have a pipe leaking or a similar problem.. Most plumbers are comfortable working in homes and commercial businesses, especially when installing new pipes, drains, and other related services.

Water Leak Companies are a specialized version of plumbers that use tools to find hidden leaks. Some companies can perform services on homes, while others might focus on commercial businesses. These companies can also provide services for underground leaks with minimally invasive services to repair and waterproof the foundation of the building.

As a general rule of thumb, you should call the plumber if the leak is inside your building, and they can be stopped by turning off the main water line. If you’re not able to stop the leak by turning off the water, then it would probably be good to call a local water leaks detection company.

What Look for in a Water Leak Detection Company

Leak repair is an essential part of upkeep on your home or business, but ideally, you won’t be needing these services all too often. When looking for a water leak company to get the job done, look for these characteristics.

A Long-Standing Relationship With the Community

Any business that has been a part of a community for an extended amount of time can be trusted more than a newcomer. One way to know if a company has been a part of a community for an extended amount of time is to ask around. Talk to homeowners and business owners in the community to see if they’re familiar with the business that you want to hire and if they have any experience in working with them.

Referrals From Trusted Sources and Positive Reviews

Receiving a referral from someone who has already received services from a business is one of the best ways to be sure that the job is going to be done right. It’s also wise to check around for reviews and see if they have a history of delivering for their clients.

Providing Resources for the Community

Providing leak repair is sometimes only part of the job. Instead, quality companies providing detection services and leak repair will often also offer resources for community businesses. Take a look at Spec 7 Group, for example. We provide extensive information on all things waterproofing. From leak detection services to waterproofing and repair, we offer a multitude of resources and blog posts to help you respond to water leaks and waterproofing in the best ways possible.

Spec 7 is one of the premier waterproofing and water mitigation companies providing water leak detection services. We have extensive experience in bentonite waterproofing and injection waterproofing and repair. We’ll be ready to get out on the job and take a look at your property when you call.

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