Ensuring that your elevator pit waterproofing solutions are in place and holding fast is of utmost importance.

Whether you’re a property manager or a building owner, you know that an elevator pit full of water should be avoided at all costs. After all, finding a solution to remove that water and keep it out can be a major headache.

To ensure that you avoid running into any issues, we’re here to help you with all of your elevator pit waterproofing needs and questions.

Let’s dive in and see why it’s essential to keep things dry.

Safety Hazards

Water that’s trapped within an elevator pit poses more than just a wet problem. It can actually become a big safety hazard for those that are riding in that elevator daily. Consider all the moving parts of an elevator. Cables, pulleys, and cylinders designed to cushion the descent are all parts that would be immediately affected by water in an elevator and could become damaged to the point of failing if the water problem isn’t addressed.

For this reason,it’s critical to check your elevator pit regularly. Depending on where you’re located in the country, you’ll want to check it during the spring thaw and summer rains. Checking your elevator shaft every time it rains is a common way of ensuring that everything is staying dry.

Health Hazard

Flooded elevator pit in need of elevator pit waterproofing.

Garbage and similar items can often fall into an elevator pit. Especially if that pit isn’t sealed off well. This is another reason to keep an eye on it. If you don’t clean the elevator pit out every time there’s garbage built up, you may start to have health hazards.

If water enters into your elevator pit and there’s still garbage present, the garbage will become wet and can develop mold. With mold and rot happening in your elevator pit, there’s a chance that the people using the elevator or working closely around it could develop serious negative health conditions.

Another health hazard that comes from standing water in an elevator pit is the chance for insects to grow. Mosquitos and other bacteria spreading insects growing in your elevator shaft isn’t really a good look for anyone.

Passing Inspections

elevator pit that needs work.

If your yearly inspection is coming up, you should be aware of whether your elevator shaft has any signs of water in the pit. If you get to the inspection and don’t check on your elevator pits, then you might run into a bigger problem. Inspectors will waste no time in making sure that your elevator is shut down. These inspectors also won’t allow your elevator to reopen until the water leaks are repaired, and another inspector reassesses the elevator.

Losing an elevator to a failed inspection is no small problem. Not only will you have customers, residents, or employees frustrated with you for not making sure it’s working, but everything becomes more expensive the longer you wait to fix it. Something that could have been a simple leak repair will now be a much more intense project.

Waterproofing Existing Elevator Pits

Professional elevator pit waterproofing.

Whether you have a new building or a building that’s approaching 50+ years, it’s never too late to start a water mitigation plan. Without one, your building is going to have waterproof problems eventually. Fortunately, foundation waterproof solutions are what we specialize in at Spec 7 Group. We’ve worked with a number of new construction projects, and we’ve worked on a number of older buildings. Commercial businesses need to be prepared for water problems. Even poured concrete can eventually crack and cause problems for your elevator pits.

Waterproofing New Elevator Pits

If you’re in the middle of a building project and haven’t thought about waterproofing your elevator, then you’ll want to take a few things into consideration. While slab on grade buildings don’t always need waterproofing solutions because they are built far above the water table, an elevator shaft in any commercial building is going to be lower than the rest of the foundation. Oftentimes the pit will be below or up against the water table, and in that case, the elevator pit needs waterproofing.

Neglecting to waterproof an elevator pit during construction will only lead to more costly expenses in the future. Even if your poured concrete can hold water out of the foundation for a few years, without a professional waterproofing solution, the concrete will eventually give way to leaks and potential water damage to your building’s foundation.

A Professional Elevator Pit Waterproofing Company

Spec 7 Group is a professional commercial waterproofing company that can provide commercial waterproofing solutions both during a new construction project or on existing buildings. We work hard for our customers and provide them with water-free solutions to all of their leaky problems. It can be difficult at times to know what to do if you find water in your elevator pit. Reach out to us, and we can offer a free consultation and inspection of the damage on your property.

No matter what it is that’s causing the leak in your building; we’ll be able to come up with a solution that helps to keep your building operating smoothly.

In a bind and need the leak fixed quickly? We’ve got you covered there too. We can make sure that any existing water is removed from the building and that the foundation walls or elevator pits are waterproofed for the next time it rains. Call us today to get started – 763-434-3244.